— By using the perfectly engineered Bretec production machines, you are assured years of continuity and efficiency for your food production facility! —


With the Bretec product flow divider you can divide a single production flow into a number of outputs, each with exactly the same volume.
The SV series is available in many variants.
For example, up to 17 outputs are available when using our 48 mm system. These have a center-to-center distance of 48 mm. The 70 mm system allows up to 12 outputs next to each other available with a center-to-center distance of 70 mm.
Our SV range is available with a straight or curved (funnel) input, for perfect distribution.

For small workspaces there is a side input manifold available.
Models are available with a bolt or clamp connection. The clamp connection variant can be disassembled in just seconds for easy cleaning. Various output options are available on request as well as optional bases and connectors.
Production can be adapted, dependent on which product is being processed, the connected vacuum filler and the number of outputs needed.

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