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You want to produce a new product and you need a production line for that. Bretec offers you extensive experience in process design, process flow and can advise you in machine construction and material selection.
Bretec is happy to advise you and can help you refine and optimize the development of your production line through 3D designs and / or prototype construction from start to delivery.


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But even if you now have a running, well-functioning production process, revision or adjustment can sometimes be necessary.
The Bretec specialists examine the course of the process for you in detail. Not infrequently, the choice of a different material, the position or adjustment of an operation can lead to a better course and fault resolution or even a better product.


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The success of your organization depends for one
important part of your production process. This means that maintenance and follow-up of that process must be done regularly to prevent malfunctions.
Bretec offers you the certainty that your process is running optimally and continues to function optimally by means of a maintenance contract.