By using the perfectly engineered Bretec production machines, you are assured years of continuity and efficiency for your food production facility!


The Bretec VDS250 is a burger forming machine. Besides burgers, the machine is also designed to use other shape inserts like for example nuggets or sticks.

The VDS250 is fed by a vacuum filling machine to process different products like meat, vegetable dough, or even mashed potato. Depent on what forming set is installed, the machine can produce up to 200 portions per minute.

The conveyor belt speed is variable, which makes it possible to incorporate the machine easily into your production line.
A water spraying system is incorporated which ensures that no product sticks to the forming insert.

Excess water and product residue will drain automatically.

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Specifications VDS250
Connection value: ~ 1PE-N 230V
Power consumption: 0,25 kW
Compressed air: 6 Bar