By using the perfectly engineered Bretec production machines, you are assured years of continuity and efficiency for your food production facility!


The Bretec VDM250 is a fully automatic dosing system to dose fluid product. Such as for different kinds of soup, sauces or bouillons.
The VDM250 is infact a stand-alone machine but can also easily be implemented into a production line.

The machines capacity is adapted to client-specific needs. For instance, the VDM250 can generate a dose up to maximal 1 ltr. per stroke. With just one touch of a button the program changes to a maximum of 2 ltr. per portion.

To avoid the settling down, during large intervals, the VDM250 is provided with a mixing function. The machine keeps its buffer automatically on scale and gives a warning signal when the level is too low.

doseermachine - detail 1
doseermachine - detail 2
Specificatieons DVM250
Connection values:~ PE – N 400 V
Power consumption:1,5 kW
Dimensions LxWxH:1750x800x!(%)
Capacity:0,2 up to 2 liter per dose