For Paul’s Pie company we built a fully automatic filling system to fill the Pie’s or hot filled cakes with a tasteful substance.
The system consists of the Bretec SV06 stream divider with a square tube input wich feeds 6 plunger dosing heads.
The plungers come down into the cake shapes to fill them precisely, without spilling any filling over the side.

When the cake shapes are filled the plunger heads move upwards, wich create enough space for the conveyor belt to deliver the next set of cakes under the filler.

— Bretec’s specially adapted production machines can be incorporated to suit your production needs, ensuring improvement and boosting your food production facility! 

This filler was later implemented as a single unit in the existing conveyor belt.
Communication between the supplying unit and the Bretec filler ensures the right
position, timing and product amount to fill each cake.

Safety, hygiene, cleaning comfort and user friendliness are always the key points in
the Bretec concepts en products.