According to clients wish we were allowed to build this 5 stream product divider, which is completely adjustable to their type of production.
The machine is made with a moveable undercarriage which can be incorporated in the production line rolling sideways.
When production needs 5 streams de machine is completely rebuild. Some products only need 3 streams with another heart to heart distance on the belt.
In that case 2 streams are shut off and stream heads can be adjusted sideways.

Bretec’s specially adapted production machines can be incorporated to suit your production needs, ensuring
improvement and boosting your food production 

For some products the angle of the divider head is very important which is between 0 and 45 degrees. After production the machine can be easily cleaned by the clamp system on the stream divider. In no time the clamps are turned loose, parts can be turned and easily cleaned.
The tubes can be hanged on the backside of the machine, where the can be cleaned and stored. The stream heads can be turned loose by hand easily, their made of solid RVS which makes it possible to clean them in a soak bath.