For the Meat Insiders company from Beuningen we were asked to develop and build a ‘pulled meat’ machine.
Specifically for the type of product they process they needed a wider conveyor belt specially prepared to remove bad product from the product stream.

— Bretec’s specially adapted production machines can be incorporated to suit your production needs, ensuring improvement and boosting your food production facility!  

Bretec specially build a conveyor belt with a product divider wich spreads the product stream from a 400mm widt to a worksize of 1000mm. Ofcourse the layer thickness gets thinner wich makes it easier to spot and remove parts of bad product.
After the bad parts are removed two gliders bring back the workwidt to a pre adjustable size for further processing.
User friendlyness, safety, hygiene and cleaning comfort are allways de main points in Bretec’s concepts and products.